sanitiserThe Asset Management Council invites you to take a quick look at the ways in which businesses are altering manufacturing and production in a series of posts on Fluidity in Assets.

When the supermarket aisles recently became bare of hand sanitiser, Australian gin and rum manufacturers switched their business to produce medical-grade hand sanitiser. Gin company SevenZeroEight, owned by Shane Warne and named for the total number of wickets taken in his cricket career, advised that an agreement had been made to provide a continuous supply of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser at cost to two Western Australian hospitals1.

Queensland based manufacturers, Bundaberg Rum Distillery and Beenleigh Rum Distillery also commenced supply of hand sanitiser, with a view to provide schools and healthcare workers with the much-needed product. Similarly, Archie Rose Distilling Co. in Sydney has also halted production of alcoholic consumables in favour of proliferating the market with hand sanitiser2.
These companies highlight the fluidity of assets as well as ways that ingenuity in leadership can bring wider community benefits and greater value to businesses.

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